Recognising Achievement!

We’re focused on creating customized solutions for our all clients and are delighted to announce that we’ve started 2016 with a “BANG!” – with some exciting new projects and important repeat contracts. Celebrating achievement is a key part of our DNA too! Whether it’s winning Salesforce performances that we monitor and reward with our iPad-based incentive schemes, or our dynamic communication projects sharing best practice, or celebrating excellence wherever it occurs within our client organizations.

This month we’re breaking with tradition – to celebrate the achievement of one of our own! Our sincere congratulations to Marc Newall for being accepted this month onto a MSc programme at UCL in Cognitive and Decision Sciences AND securing a positive deferral on a job offer to start working with the prestigious KMPG Strategy Group at the end of 2017 following his Masters course. Well done Marc! Just don’t go into competition with us any time soon..!

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