Catalyst offers a range of expert analytical services that help organisations use data more effectively, gain valuable insight and make better decisions.

  • Data-mining, processing & quantitative analysis to offer valuable insights
  • Simulations and quantitative models capturing the dynamics of complex environments
  • Confidence in robust decision-making through sensitivity analysis
  • Effective resource planning through forecasting and scenario analysis
  • Budget impact modelling and market access solutions
  • Significant SFE expertise

Our Experience

At Catalyst we specialise in providing solutions for the pharmaceutical; biotechnology; medical device and animal health sectors. Our extensive experience built up over 50 years comes from working within both pharma and top-level consulting. We gained our real-life, hands on expertise working in a variety of relevant and senior pharma industry roles including:

  • National Sales Operations
  • Market Research Director
  • Senior Sales Management
  • Marketing/Product Management

Our in-house industry experience is augmented further by top-level consultancy expertise including:

  • ZS Associates – consultancy in USA and UK
  • MarketRx – Director of Professional Services
  • WG – Head of Analytical Services

Our detailed knowledge of analytical, salesforce effectiveness, marketing effectiveness and market research techniques allows us to remove the complexity from using pharma and healthcare business information. We can turn your sales and marketing data into valuable commercial insights.

Our Expertise

Catalyst offer a wide and expert range of analytical and SFE services that bring together fragmented sales and marketing data, allowing you to quickly access relevant, accurate information and empowering you to quickly respond to challenges and opportunities.

Our computing expertise includes Tableau; Visual Basic; Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, including VBA programming); SQL and database design – plus in-house iPad/ iPhone /android software management and design.

Our fully-customised analytics and SFE solutions can be made available on iPad as well as your desktop, resulting in the provision of accurate, timely and relevant information.

This results in better-informed decision making – leading in turn to improved performance and increased profitability.

Analytics & SFE Solutions

Catalyst develop software models and tools that are transparent, robust and designed to meet the precise needs of your audience using a range of tried and tested approaches – from simple spreadsheets to unique software and web applications.

Our customised solutions include:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Patient audits
  • Market access tools
  • Vital signs dashboards
  • Resource planning tools
  • Management reporting tools
  • Budget impact and cost-effectiveness models
  • Financial reporting and database integration tools
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis including “deep dives”
  • Bespoke software for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and NHS
  • Advising on the appropriate application of analytical techniques and strategies
  • Providing a cost-effective outsourcing solution for business information and analysis
  • Conducting in-house training to enhance an organisation’s internal analytical capabilities

To discuss your needs in more detail, or to explore how Catalyst can help you get the most from your business information and data, please get in touch.

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