Meeting with Karl Hamer from Events4Healthcare

Events 4 Healthcare

“Attended a really interesting and helpful meeting at the start of this month with Karl Hamer from Events4Healthcare.

Having known Karl and his wife Mel for years it’s the first time we actually managed to sit down together to compare notes – unbelievable really – we really should have done this years ago!

We also got a request out of the blue this month from one of our favourite RBMs at a client we’ve been working with for the last three successive years. This resulted in us turning round a D: Mailer – a fully-customised PowerPoint show presentation with dynamic animations and transitions and music in 2 days flat for use at an RBM meeting she was chairing – and because we like her and this client so much we did it free of charge!

And as to the feedback…

“George!!! Thank you!

So sorry I meant to email you last week… GOING FOR GOLD went down really well thanks to you 🙂

Really can’t thank you enough for helping me out so last minute!”

Isn’t it just great when clients give you positive feedback when they don’t even need to!

That’s why we love nothing more than adding real value to our clients and just occasionally doing so for free!”

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