An ‘appy & animated month!

What a great month it’s been so far…

  • Working on the development of 4 different new apps and data tools for one of our Animal Health Clients
  • Facilitating an H2 2015 Target Allocation exercise with some of our favourite pharma RBM’s
  • Getting re-commissioned by a global bio-pharmaceutical client to evolve a Clinical Trials Finance Tracking Tool we’d previously developed for them

Plus, we developed a multi-media communication (pro-bono) to celebrate the achievement of a group of road warriors who cycled from London to Amsterdam – 330 miles across 4 countries in just 4 days – in support of a very good charitable cause – Naomi House Wessex Children’s Hospice Trust. To be inspired or donate, please have a wee look  here

We even managed to start exploring an exciting new collaboration to deliver winning events with seamless messaging and state-of-the-art interactive technology – more updates on this new and exciting communication offering coming in the very near future..! And it’s still only the 20th August… – just about the right time I’d say to sign off and go on safari for Mr’s N’s “big birthday” celebrations (official big day not till Nov she insists I add..!)

Look forward to sharing a new update with you next month – if I don’t get thrown to the lions..!

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